Friday, May 14, 2010

Yadavas' Misery

It's a subject of great pity that Yadavas,who ruled this nation for thousands of years are seen as a race of backwards.It has lost the glory of their great ancestors like Lord Krishna,Yadu,Vrishni,Mauryas ,Guptas ,Rashtrakutas and uncountable great kings.
Recently ,Nitin Gadkari,the president of a so called civilised national party has compared our two great leaders with a dog.Such kind of remarks can often been seen in our country.It is a great conspiracy to supress this celebrated race,who loves to fight for justice and known as fearless(Ahirs).
It's time to stand united and answer those forces who want to supress this race which carries the blood of gods.Educated people should help and encourage the poor Yadavas in their ventures.This race constitutes 16 % of Indian population or almost 18 carore of people(including all it's branches).If they stand united they can become a nation itself.Get awaken friends !! Glory is waiting for you.

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